Thursday, August 30, 2012

Link Help

I have started to work on my link page more today. Going through all the bookmarks I have is a lot of work! I am basically posting to ask what links everyone has that they love. The blogs, stores, recipes etc that you cant live without. Comments please! Pin It

Monday, August 20, 2012

Nautical Fabric Love

I have to admit, I'm a marine biology nerd. I love anything about the ocean, and nautical themes. While looking over the usual blogs I read tonight I came across the cutest fabric!! 

Its called Out to Sea by Sarah Jane for Michael Miller Fabrics. Totally my style of fabric. Its colorful, cute, whimsical....I could go on and on. I think I would have hard time cutting it honestly. But what's wrong with buying more fabric, just cause its pretty? Nothing at all! Projects can always be found for the fabric later. My name is Amy, and I'm a fabric hoarder:-)

During my month long vacation we stopped in Atlanta for a few days to check out the aquarium (amazing) and a few other attractions. Of course I had to run right over to Whipstitch. I loved this store. Awesome colorful fabrics everywhere. I found a bundle of some of the fabrics from this line,Shore Thing by Emily Herrick for Michael Miller Fabrics,  and scooped them right up.

I'm even thinking of a marine biology themed quilt. I need to get to work on the planning:-)
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Friday, August 17, 2012

Festival of Hexagons

I came across this today and thought it was wonderful!! I have recently started my own hexagon quilt with 1 inch hexagons. I am using LIBERTY fabrics for the entire quilt. The fabric feels so amazing and soft. I have 36 done....almost 4300 to go...haha. I may finish before I die:-)

Festival of Hexies

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back! And ready to get to work!

I cant wait to see all of the fabric choices everyone makes. Its going to be a long 3 weeks!!!

I have been pretty lame with blogging and am trying my best to get back in gear. We just got back from a long vacation in RI and Maine for most of the month of July and into August. It was great to get away and have some bearable summer weather. 

We drove from TX to RI in 2 days. It was a long ride but I still found it way less stressful than flying with the kids. When we got to NJ we made an early morning stop at Carlo's Bakery (Cake Boss). They were just opening and there was already a line to the door inside. I didnt mind though because it gave me extra time to try and make a decision about what I wanted from all the yummy treats. Wasnt easy! Before we left Alden got a picture with Mauro. He didnt care who it was but I was excited:-)

We stayed in a beach cabin in Maine for a week and ate A LOT of lobster. It was so cheap in fact that we got these 28 for $100. Awesome!!! Even the kids got in on the lobster. I'm pretty sure my sister (11 yrs old) ate at least 3. The weather was wonderful, and nice and cool at night. We used our pioneer woman skills but I'm afraid they failed us. We had to have my Dad and my husband to fix our "fires" more than once.

Lastly I havent done a single craft, or sewed anything since before I left for vacation. Heres a picture of the quilt I finished just before we left. It was made using the TWISTER tool to cut the blocks from a quick quilt top made from an entire layer cake of fabric. I used KATE SPAIN - TERRAIN and I love all the colors and how they look together in the finished quilt. 

I am ready to get back to work now and get into some quilty goodness. What are you working on?

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Modern Designer Flickr Swap

Signup form is here for the swap. Please only sign up if you really intend on being a participant. If you just want to follow the swap please check it out here on Flickr. Thanks everyone! Hoping this swap is a huge success and everyone gets some amazing fabrics:-)

Swap Details
Each participant will suggest their 3 top designer choices when they sign up. Choosing a designer does not mean you will get one of your choices. It will just make it easier to narrow the fields at assignment time.
The “Modern Designer Charm Swap” is open to 56 participants, USA and International.
Please go to the FLICKR page after sign up to JOIN the swap:
Participants will be assigned to 8 groups of 7 people . The group will be responsible for representing the designer it was assigned. You will purchase 1 yard each of 2 different fabrics by the designer, for a total of 2 yards purchased.. You will cut 56 of the 5x5 charm squares from each yard of your fabric. Please make sets of 1 charm of each of your fabrics.
Once you are certain of your fabric choices please post to the board so we can avoid duplicates.
You may have more than once space in the swap. Just be sure to sign up in the form on my webpage a separate time for each space.
Designers will be determined by the most popular ones suggested in the signup process.
Please do not purchase solids or batiks. Only quilt shop quality (except for Denyse Scmidt and any other who have lines at Joann).
You may buy any fabric by the designer you want. There are no limits to color or print.
I have found it helpful purchasing a little over a yard to account for cutting errors.

Since I am on vacation I will set the mail date to August 15 so I can be assured I will be home to start receiving the packages.
International swappers welcome. I will pay the postage and then invoice you back for the amount due. Please include your Paypal email address with your charms.
Fabrics should be mailed to me with a SASE with proper return postage. I would prefer actual postage over money. Keeps things simple.
Package your charms in Ziploc bags (inside your mailing package) to protect against weather, dirt, etc.
Please include in your package one index card with the name/color/manufacturer info of your fabrics, your flickr id, email address and return mailing address (just incase).
Also somewhere on the outside of your envelope write your Flickr user name.
Mailing address will be provided once swap is full. 


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